Student Organizations

Student Organization Procedures

ECU is dedicated to providing an environment that supports recognized Student Organizations ability to freely associate and express themselves.  All registered/recognized Student Organizations may be collectively responsible for any action(s) committed by members on behalf of the Organization that violates the ECU Student Code of Conduct.

Student Organizations that are recognized by the University are responsible for abiding by University policy, the ECU Student Code of Conduct, and all other agreements between the University and the Student Organization.

Additional information and detailed procedures can be found in the Student Organization Conduct Handbook.

Student Organization Sanctions

The University takes an educational approach to sanctioning.  Sanctions are meant to facilitate a dialogue, create educational opportunities, and facilitate behavior change.  The goal of sanctions is to balance accountability with providing tools and resources to recognized Student Organizations so members make better decisions in the future.  The hearing administrator assigning sanctions and the Student Conduct Board are encouraged to consider educational sanctions which address the violation(s), and information shared by the Student Organization representative.  Sanctions should encourage critical thinking, and address risk-management and safety concerns for the entire University community.

Student Organization Officers may submit all sanctions using the Student Organization Sanctions Submission Form

Student Organization Conduct Information

The Department of Student Engagement provides information regarding the current conduct status and conduct history of Recognized Student Organizations at ECU. Click here for more information.