Sanctions & Holds


Violations of the Student Code of Conduct, will result in educational and/or disciplinary consequences called sanctions. Sanctions are designed with the intent of educating students and protecting the ECU community. No sanctions will be enforced until all reviews have been exhausted with the exception of administrative actions taken to protect members of the ECU community. Each student who has been found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct shall be notified in writing of the appeal rights, including any applicable time constraints, as they pertain to their case.

If you need to submit a sanction completion, please click on the button below:



Students may be assigned to attend an educational workshop if they are found responsible for a violation of University policy or as part of an informal agreement.

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Campus Intervention Fees

There is a fee for the workshops listed above and the amount of your fee can be found in your outcome letter.

The fee can be paid to OSRR with a check or money order payable to the ECU Judicial Service Fund by the date stated in your outcome letter.

Students can drop off their check or money order at OSRR (364 Wright Building) or mail their check or money order to OSRR at the following address:

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
East Carolina University
364 Wright Building
Mail Stop #118
Greenville, NC 27858-4353


A hold is placed on a student’s record by OSRR or Campus Living once a determination is made to move forward with the conduct process. The hold will remain on the record until the student meets with a conduct administrator and the case is resolved. Students with a hold may not register for classes, drop or add classes or take many academic actions without the permission by OSRR or Campus Living. Holds may be temporarily lifted if a student is actively participating in the conduct process or is complying with all sanctions. If a student withdraws from ECU before resolving a pending complaint, a hold will be placed on the record and the student may not re-enroll without resolving the pending case.

If a student has a JD hold on their account they should contact Campus Living at 252-328-4917 with any questions or requests to temporarily lift the hold.

If a student has a SC or S2 hold on their account they should contact OSRR at 252-328-6824 or with any questions or requests to temporarily lift the hold.

Petition to Re-Enroll

If you would like to return from a Conduct Suspension, you will need to review and complete this form.